Body Fitness: Canoeing is One of the Best Rowing Exercise

Canoeing is one of the water activities you must really try. It can be a good hobby that can be enjoyed by anyone. This can be done in a pond, stream, sea, river, lake or any body of water that allows canoeing. There are a variety of ways you can fall in love with this leisure activity, if you want a more relaxed feel, you can canoe in a still gracious water, but if you are the fierce type, then definitely, you will love the adrenaline rush offered by whitewater adventure. But more than a leisure activity, canoeing is a good rowing exercise that can contribute to your overall well being.

Benefits of Canoeing as Rowing Exercise

Cardiovascular Workout

Rowing a canoe needs a lot of consistent effort, and as you do this, the heart rate heightens, increasing oxygen uptake and lung expansion. This is definitely a good cardiovascular workout if you may ask me.

Fat Burner

Rowing is a good fat burning exercise like any other paddling sports. It burns calories the same as the treadmill does, but with a decrease risk of injury. Rowing a canoe is a low impact exercise, allowing you to feel less sore after a routine workout. Furthermore, the muscles built during the activity allow your body to increase its metabolism rate, burning more unwanted adipose tissues.

Decreased Risk for Injury

As mentioned earlier, rowing a canoe is a low impact exercise. There is no strain on the lower part of the body involved, thus decreasing the risk of leg and foot injuries. The comfortable seating position has a minimal impact on the lower back than any other exercises and the mere fact that you are seated, decreases the risk of falls. So,  if you are looking for an effective exercise with with low risk of injury, canoeing is the perfect routine for you.

Workout the Upper, Back and Midsection of the Body

While rowing, notice that you use almost all the muscles on your upper body – triceps, biceps, shoulder, back and abdominal muscles. Going for a regular canoeing allows these muscle groups to gain more mass. This is an activity thrive personal trainer will recommend because they know that this will make you feel more toned, stronger and alive. The more muscles you have, the healthier you are.

Strength and Endurance

As you consistently go out for canoeing, you will soon notice how stronger you are compared to the time you were not involved in this activity. As the muscles in the body grows and the vital organs such as the heart and lungs are further strengthened, the body is more capable of intense activities. You will also feel more energetic because your system functions much better. In addition, your metabolism increases, making your body more efficient in burning fats and removing toxins.

Canoeing is such a wonderful activity that you might really enjoy, but beyond that, it is a healthy lifestyle that can help you attain a sexy physique and achieve an overall wellbeing. Remember, we are not born to survive, we are born to thrive and enjoy what life has to offer.