About Us

Hello! My name is Eric Smith and I am pleased that you reached my about page! That only means that you are interested to learn more about me and the formation of the website. I am currently residing here at California with my wonderful family. I love paddling water sports because it feels so thrilling! Other than that, I also love tinkering things when I don’t have other things to do. And I also love blogging! I’ve been blogging for three years now and I just recently added Kanubuch to my list of blogs.

As you have learned earlier, I have a passion for blogging and tinkering things. That’s why I was always doing technical things on the web, from setting up websites and creating blog posts. With my great love for paddling water sports, I decided to create an additional blog where I will write about it. Thus, kanubuch.info came to life.

You’re one lucky individual to find this site if you are wishing to obtain knowledge about paddling water sports like canoeing, kayaking and rafting. You can certainly find useful information in this website and hopefully, it will help you love paddling water sports more!

Kanubuch, like I said earlier, is targeted to people who are passionate about paddling water sports. They can find information ranging from basics to advanced topics such as the history of paddling water sports to the latest and best gear for the particular activity.

I hope you enjoy your online time spent here at Kanubuch!

Happy Kayaking,
Eric Smith